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Architectural design is an intensely personal endeavor for me. I consider it a privilege to work with a client to design the home where they will raise a family, or create a retreat where they can entertain or recharge. Likewise, I value the opportunity to help a small business owner realize his or her dreams with a space that enables them to serve their customers and grow.


HIGHLY RECOMMEND FRANCES ZOOK! We worked with Frances to design and build our new home, from the ground up. Frances was incredible attentive to our needs and wants in our future home, and helped guide us through a difficult decision to demolish our aging ranch home and build the home we now hold close to our heart. In addition to being a stellar architect who excels in her craft, Frances is an outstanding listener, troubleshooter and problem solver. Perhaps most importantly, Frances is perceptive. She understood what we wanted, even if we could not always articulate it; she intuited the soul of our house from our discussions. Frances also helped us to stay true to our vision and avoid getting caught up in other details or whims (or put another way, she kept us on budget!). Additionally, Frances works extraordinarily well with builders and workmen alike, and anyone that has built a home realizes just how essential that skill is for a smooth, coordinated experience. Frances’s practical nature and artistic sense are a unique combination, and we recommend Frances every opportunity we get!

C. Little
Relationship: Client
Project Date: December 2011
Project Price: more than $100,000

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